Dena Schutzer
Construction Workers RestingOrange CapConstruction, Curtain, ManPushing SheetsConstruction workers/ skull and wooden modelPuffy Jacket and columnWoman LeaningLeaning on WallConversationGreen WallConstruction workers with wide brushFour construction workersIn the truck: blue/brownTops of buildingsNight WindowsSkateboard with LEDApartment DoorMalecon RestaurantUmbrellasTree and shadowTree and buildingsNight-Bus-Subwaypinksplinter yellow/grayRed/Bluecorner b&wUnder the #1pushing cart b+wThree men: b,w+yellowMan walking b,w+peachThree cooksRestaurant workers eatingUmbrella, ochre, rainHanging SignsRosesPizzamanstophairbraiding IIRed door3 womenfigures at nightfour men on stoopstanding man on stoopsNight - Kids on steps- small versionview from Astoria
Paintngs/Drawings Pre-2016