Dena Schutzer
Art & Writing ProjectsThe Reverend Thomas's False TeethThe Reverend Thomas's False TeethThe Reverend Thomas's False TeethPolka and DotPolka and DotA Million Fish More or LessThree Kids Dreamin'3 Kids Dreamin'
inside spread3 Kids Dreamin"
Inside spread
Children's book illustration
A Million Fish...More Or Less. Knopf, 1992 - Illustrator
Polka and Dot. Knopf, 1994 - Author and Illustrator
Erin's Voyage. Simon and Schuster, 1994 - Illustrator
The Hungry Little Boy. Simon and Schuster, 1995 - Illustrator
The Reverend Thomas's False Teeth. BridgeWater Books, 1995 - Illustrator
Three Kid's Dreamin'. Margaret K. McElderry Books, 1997 - Illustrator

29 Sensational Art and Writing Projects. Grades 2-4. Scholastic Professional Books, 2003. Author